Gender, Place & Culture, Volume 26, Issue 11, November 2019 is now available online

Invited Article
Doing gender and the GeoHumanities – celebrations and intoxications
Harriet Hawkins

A feminist geographic analysis of perceptions of food and health in Ugandan cities | Open Access
Heather Mackay

Rethinking the value of unpaid care work: lessons from participatory visual research in central Tanzania
Youjin Brigitte Chung, Sera Lewise Young & Rachel Bezner Kerr

LGBTQ rights, conservative backlash and the constitutional definition of marriage in Romania
Diana Margarit

Tracing Indian girls’ embodied orientations towards public life
Vinnarasan Aruldoss & Sevasti-Melissa Nolas

The (un)promised land: queer identity and South Africa’s post-apartheid urban landscape
Brian Michael Müller

Migrant masculinities in-between private and public spaces of reproductive labour: Asian porters in Rome
Ester Gallo & Francesca Scrinzi

Book Review
The gender effect: capitalism, feminism, and the corporate politics of development
Nathaniel Schermerhorn


Gender, Place & Culture, Volume 26, Issue 10, October 2019 is now available online

Calls for Papers
Call for dissertation précis
Lena Grip Managing Editor

Crossing boundaries: bras, lingerie and rape myths in postcolonial urban middle-class India
Lipi Begum & Ravinder Barn

Revisiting Dilemmas in Transnational Research and Practice
Dilemmas of feminist practice in transnational spaces: Solidarity, personal growth, and potential solutions
Hamsa Rajan & Kerrie Thornhill

Contingent meanings, shifting practices: grandmother to grandmother solidarity as transnational feminist praxis
May Chazan

Men and anti-violence initiatives: transnational feminist reflections from Afghanistan and Pakistan
Joyce Wu

In/out of Nigeria: transnational research and the politics of identity and knowledge production
Grace Adeniyi Ogunyankin

Trans/national knowledge production through difference: dilemmas of doing research on veiling in Amman, Jordan
Saba Abbas

The female body as the bearer of national identity in Iran: a critical discourse analysis of the representation of women’s bodies in official online outlets
Ladan Rahbari, Chia Longman & Gily Coene

Grief as method: topographies of grief, care, and fieldwork from Northwest Arkansas to New York and the Marshall Islands
Emily Mitchell-Eaton

Structural boundaries that effect the representation of gender and disability in works of fiction from the United States and United Kingdom
Lesley Hawkes & Sarah Kanake

Displacement, memory and home(less) identities: Turkish Cypriot women’s narratives
Hanife Aliefendioğlu & Pembe Behçetoğulları

Book Review
Carceral space, prisoners and animals
Stephanie Eccles

Dissertation Precis
The urban environment and East Asian queer film festivals
Qin Qin

Gender, Place & Culture, Volume 26, Issue 7-9, July – September 2019 is now available online

Country and Region Reports: Introduction
Mapping gender and feminist geographies in the global context
Marianne Blidon & Sofia Zaragocin

Country and Region Reports: Albania
Gender and feminist studies in Albania – a brief state of the art
Ermira Danaj, Edvin Lame & Daniela Kalaja

Country and Region Reports: Argentina
Gender geography in Argentina: a brief overview
Mónica Colombara

Country and Region Reports: Australia
Geographies of gender and sexuality in Australia, from 1994 to 2018
Andrew Gorman-Murray & Emilie Baganz

Country and Region Reports: Brazil
Feminist geographies: fight and achievement of a place in the Brazilian scientific production
Joseli Maria Silva & Marcio Jose Ornat

Country and Region Reports: Anglophone Canada
Canadian feminist geography in the 21st century
Tiffany Muller Myrdahl

Country and Region Reports: Francophone Canada
Féministes tant qu’il le faudra! The multiple possibilities of francophone feminist geographies au Québec/Canada
Patricia M. Martin & Anne Latendresse

Country and Region Reports: The Anglo-Caribbean
Recognizing and undisciplining feminist geography in the Caribbean
Levi Gahman & Tivia Collins

Country and Region Reports: The Czech Republic
Development of Czech feminist and queer geographies: identifying barriers, seeking progress
Michal Pitoňák & Kamila Klingorová

Country and Region Reports: Chile
The study of homosexual space: an example of feminist geographies’ limits in Chilean academia?
Pablo Astudillo Lizama

Country and Region Reports: Colombia
Gender and Feminist Geography in Colombia
Astrid Ulloa

Country and Region Reports: Ecuador
Feminist geography in Ecuador
Sofia Zaragocin

Country and Region Reports: France
Still a long way to go: gender and feminist geographies in France
Marianne Blidon

Country and Region Reports: Germany and German-Speaking Countries
Celebrating 30 years of feminist geographies in the German-speaking countries Germany, Switzerland* and Austria
Sybille Bauriedl, Nadine Marquardt, Carolin Schurr & Anne Vogelpohl

Country and Region Reports: Ghana
The emergence and institutionalization of feminist geography in Ghana
Charlotte Wrigley-Asante & Elizabeth Ardayfio-Schandorf

Country and Region Reports: Greece
Feminist geographies in Greece: a personal trajectory between ‘local’ and ‘international’
Dina Vaiou

Country and Region Reports: Hong Kong
Men in upheaval: integrating Hong Kong politics and critical studies of men and masculinities
Mario Liong & Petula Sik-Ying Ho

Country and Region Reports: Hungary
Hungarian feminist geography in a curved space? | Open Access
Judit Timár

Country and Region Reports: India
‘But this is not geography…! of ontological circumcisions and writing feminist geographies from India
Anindita Datta

Country and Region Reports: Ireland
Feminist and gender geographies in Ireland
Mary Gilmartin, Claire McGing & Kath Browne

Country and Region Reports: Israel
Israeli feminist geography: women, gender and queer geographies
Tovi Fenster & Chen Misgav

Country and Region Reports: Iran
Avoiding the “F” word: feminist geography in Iran
Nazgol Bagheri

Country and Region Reports: Italy
Gender and geography in Italy
Marcella Schmidt di Friedberg & Valeria Pecorelli

Country and Region Reports: Japan
Gender geography in Japan: the trajectory, fruits of research and future challenges
Yoko Yoshida

Country and Region Reports: Kenya
A lone ranger: My journey towards becoming a feminist geographer in Nairobi, Kenya
Mary Kinyanjui

Country and Region Reports: Mexico
Geographies of gender and feminism in Mexico: a field in construction
Paula Soto Villagrán

Country and Region Reports: New Zealand/Aotearoa
Feminist geographies in Aotearoa New Zealand: cultural, social and political moments
WGGRN (Women and Gender Geographies Research Network of Aotearoa New Zealand), Gail Adams-Hutcheson, Ann E. Bartos, Kelly Dombroski, Erena Le Heron & Yvonne Underhill-Sem

Country and Region Reports: Norway
Feminist geographies in Norway from the turn of the millennium
Ragnhild Lund, Nina Gunnerud Berg, Michael Jones & Gunhild Setten

Country and Region Reports: Poland
Searching for feminist geographies: mappings outside the discipline in Poland
Kasia Narkowicz & Elżbieta Korolczuk

Country and Region Reports: Portugal
Women’s, gender and feminist studies in Portugal: researchers’ resilience vs institutional resistance
Eduarda Ferreira

Country and Region Reports: Singapore
Generative spaces of gender and feminist geography in Singapore: entanglements of the personal and political
Shirlena Huang & Kamalini Ramdas

Country and Region Reports: South Africa
Persistent pasts, present struggles, imagined futures: Gender geographies in South Africa after apartheid
Sophie Oldfield & Andrew Tucker

Country and Region Reports: Spain
Mapping feminist geographies in Spain
Mireia Baylina & Maria Rodó-de-Zárate

Country and Region Reports: Sweden
Feminism and intersectionality in Swedish Geography
Srilata Sircar

Country and Region Reports: French-speaking Switzerland
A feminist geographer in a strange land: building bridges through informal mentoring in Switzerland
Karine Duplan

Country and Region Reports: Taiwan
The challenges of feminist geography in Taiwan
Lan-Hung Nora Chiang & Rebecca A. Stephenson

Country and Region Reports: Thailand
Searching for feminist geography in Thailand: mapping trails of inspiration
Sinith Sittirak & Mattanyu Meksawat

Country and Region Reports: The Netherlands
Gender and geography in the Netherlands: from separation to integration |Open Access
Joos Droogleever Fortuijn

Country and Region Reports: United Kingdom
Feminist geography in the UK: the dialectics of women-gender-feminism-intersectionality and praxis
Sarah L. Evans & Avril Maddrell

Country and Region Reports: USA
The imperative of struggle: feminist and gender geographies in the United States
LaToya E. Eaves

Gender, Place and Culture Welcomes New Managing Editor: Dr. Lena Grip

Lena ht-18Today’s post is written by our new Managing Editor, Dr. Lena Grip. Thank you Dr. Grip for taking over this very important role. Please join us in welcoming her!


In November last year I got the question if I could be interested in taking over as Managing Editor for Gender, Place & Culture. What an honour! It is a position that has been held by scholars I have read and got inspired from, ever since I first started my academic studies. And now the question was turned to me. I just couldn’t say no. However, my spring semester was already more than fully scheduled with teaching, research, running a conference, etc. and the GPC editor Margaret Walton-Roberts kindly accepted to step in as Interim Managing Editor during the first half of the year, when Pamela Moss ended her commission. This also gave me time to prepare the transition and I’m very thankful to both Pamela and Margaret for all their help and support, I honestly don’t understand where Pamela have found the patience for all my questions and queries the last few months.

My previous experience as a journal editor comes from the Swedish Journal for Gender Studies [Tidskrift för Genusvetenskap], where I was one of two editors during 2015-17. Even though the process is much the same; receiving manuscripts, finding reviewers, communicating with reviewers and authors, proof reading, publishing, etc, Gender, Place & Culture is of course a total different kind of assignment. Except for handling manuscripts, running a well-renowned journal like GPC is so much more, and I think that I have only just begun to scratch the surface of things that I am now the head of. The most central and basic value of the journal is to generate a supportive and intellectually engaging environment for publishing feminist work in geography, and I see my main role as a facilitator for continued discussions on this important topic, through distribution of research on these issues from all around the world. I am thankful for having the experienced editors Özlem Altan-Olcay, Katherine Brickell, Kanchana N. Ruwanpura and Margaret Walton-Roberts by my side, and also Marcia England and Nathaniel Lewis as Book Review Editors, and Lisa Dam as the Social Media Coordinator. The staff at Taylor and Francis has been a great help in the transition, and I know that they will continue to be important. I am also grateful that Lindy Marks has agreed to continue as Editorial Assistant.

However, the journal is nothing without its authors! I therefore invite you all to submit your work to GPC to keep up the strong tradition that has made GPC what it is today. 25 more years – here we come! Please don’t hesitate to contact me if of you have any questions about the journal, the review process, aspirations for publishing, etc. I will do my best to assist!

Lena Grip, PhD Human Geography
Department of Geography, Media & Communication
Karlstad University, Sweden

Gender, Place & Culture, Volume 26, Issue 6, June 2019 is now available online

Introduction: stretching the boundaries of care
Ann E. Bartos

‘Learning the rules of the game’: emotional labor and the gendered academic subject in the United States
Ann E. Bartos & Sarah Ives

Care as mundane politics: contested familial refugee lives in Finland
Kirsi Pauliina Kallio & Jouni Häkli

Landscapes of impunity and the deaths of Americans LaVena Johnson and Sandra Bland
Lorraine Dowler & Jenna Christian

Toward a care ethical approach to access to health care in neoliberal times
Patrica J. Lopez

Studying marriage migration to Europe from below: informal practices of government, border struggles and multiple entanglements
Stephan Scheel & Miriam Gutekunst

Mapping geographies of Canadian colonial occupation: pathway analysis of murdered indigenous women and girls
Annita Hetoevėhotohke’e Lucchesi

‘Becoming’ factory workers: understanding women’s geographies of work through life stories in Tamil Nadu, India
Madhumita Dutta

Book Review
Grounded Authority: The Algonquins of Barriere Lake against the State by Shiri Pasternak

Dissertation Precis
Subversive Spaces and Gendered Geographies in Early Childhood Classrooms in the American Southwest
Annabelle Black Delfin