Volume 26, Issue 5, May 2019 is now available online

Invited Article
Race and feminist care ethics: intersectionality as method
Parvati Raghuram

Seeking a Sense of Belonging: The Exclusion of Female Doctorate Holders in South Korea and the US
Hyejin Yoon & Hyosun Kim

(Re)Producing and challenging gender in and through urban space: women bicyclists’ experiences in Chicago
Megan E. Heim LaFrombois

Filipinos settle in the Canadian North: unsettling a gendered frontier
Kelsey Johnson, Geraldine Pratt & Caleb Johnston

Precarious masculinities and gender as pedagogy: aesthetic advice-encounters for the Dutch urban economy | Open Access
Marguerite van den Berg

Academic motherhood in the United Arab Emirates
Martina Dickson

A feminist perspective on digital geographies: activism, affect and emotion, and gendered human-technology relations in Australia
Jessica McLean, Sophia Maalsen & Sarah Prebble

Dissertation Precis
Power, performance and place: a feminist analysis of encounters in the professional workplace
Sandy Lee


Volume 26, Issue 4, April 2019 is now available online

Invited Articles
Flourishing in fragile academic work spaces and learning environments: feminist geographies of care and mentoring
Gail Adams-Hutcheson & Lynda Johnston

Wrestling women: Caste and neoliberalism in rural Haryana
Rupal Oza

Giving women a voice on decision-making about water: barriers and opportunities in Laikipia, Kenya
Janna E. Coulter, Rebecca A. Witinok-Huber, Brett L Bruyere & Wanja Dorothy Nyingi

What motivates millennials? How intersectionality shapes the working lives of female entrepreneurs in Canada’s fashion industry | Open Access
Taylor Brydges & Brian J. Hracs

Exploring Cambodian schoolgirls’ educational persistence: a community cultural wealth perspective
Tracy Leigh Rogers & Vivienne Ruth Anderson

Ethics of care, emotional work, and collective action of solidarity: the Patronas in Mexico
Verónica Montes & María Dolores Paris Pombo

African immigrant women’s transition and integration into Canadian society: expectations, stressors, and tensions
Philomina Okeke-Ihejirika, Bukola Salami & Ahmad Karimi

Book Review
Living a Feminist Life
Hanna Zetterlund, Rhiannon Pugh, Tina Mathisen, Lisa Larsson & Gabriela Hinchcliffe

Dissertation Precis
Gendered experiences of international student migration: the case of Albania
Ermira Danaj

Volume 26, Issue 3, March 2019 is now available

Invited Articles
Masculinities and geography, moving forward: men’s bodies, emotions and spiritualities
Peter Hopkins & Andrew Gorman-Murray

Private practices in public spaces: research into spatial cues supporting breastfeeding in the Nijmegen-Arnhem region of the Netherlands
Tamy Stav

Healthcare not airfare! Art, abortion and political agency in Ireland
Sydney Calkin

Intersectional power dynamics and extended households: Elderly and widowed women’s international migration from Armenia
Fatma Armagan Teke Lloyd

Women bargaining with patriarchy in coastal Kenya: contradictions, creative agency and food provisioning | Open Access
Nozomi Kawarazuka, Catherine Locke & Janet Seeley

Feminism in the Post-Soviet space: the geopolitics of Estonian feminism
Eve Annuk

Beach body work: Australian women’s experiences
Candice Field, Adele Pavlidis & Barbara Pini

Book Reviews
25th Anniversary Retrospective: Feminism and geography: the limits of geographical knowledge
Esra Alkim Karaagac

The rise of the American conservation movement: power, privilege, and environmental protection
Jennifer A. Devine

Volume 26, Issue 2, February 2019 is now available

Marriage under occupation: Israel’s spousal visa restrictions in the West Bank
Mark Griffiths & Mikko Joronen

You’re not welcome at my table: racial discourse, conflict and healing at the kitchen table
Priscilla McCutcheon & Ellen Kohl

Clean foods, motherhood and alternative food networks in contemporary Istanbul
Candan Turkkan

On the service frontline: Israeli Arab-Palestinian men in a call-center
Orna Blumen

Kaleidoscopes of violence against indigenous women (VAIW) in Colombia: the experiences of Pan-Amazonian women
Angela Santamaria, Daniela García, Fallon Hernández & Andrés Pardo

Automobility and masculinities between home and work: trucks as the ‘new normal’ in Newfoundland and Labrador
Lachlan B. Barber

Gender, precarity and hybrid forms of work identity in the virtual domestic arts and crafts industry in Canada and the US
Shannon Black, Chloe Fox Miller & Deborah Leslie

Book Review
Skype: bodies, screens, space
Beyhan Farhadi

Dissertation Précis
Towards affective nationalism
Elisabeth Militz

Volume 26, Issue 1, January 2019 is now available online

Pursuing a feminist ethos of care and the practice of mentoring
Pamela Moss

Invited Articles
Unsettling feminist geopolitics: forging feminist political geographies of violence and displacement
Jennifer Hyndman

Gender relations in Bedouin communities in Israel: local government as a site of ambivalent modernity
Ayelet Harel-Shalev, Rebecca Kook & Fany Yuval

Intro: Bowstead: Introduction to TS: Safe spaces of refuge, shelter and contact
Safe spaces of refuge, shelter and contact: introduction
Janet Bowstead

Domestic violence, safe space and vicarious abuse: inside a Pennsylvania Exchange and Visitation Center
Dana Cuomo

Spaces of safety and more-than-safety in women’s refuges in England
Janet C. Bowstead

Between ‘here’ and ‘there’: family violence against immigrant and refugee women in urban and rural Southern Australia
Linda Murray, Deborah Warr, Jasmin Chen, Karen Block, Adele Murdolo, Regina Quiazon, Erin Davis & Cathy Vaughan

Sheltering from domestic violence: Women’s experiences of punitive safety and unfreedom in Cambodian safe shelters
Naomi Graham & Katherine Brickell

‘Safe spaces’ and ‘bad’ girls: ‘child marriage victims’’ experiences from a shelter in Eastern India
Mirna Guha

Review Essay
Recent books on gender in China
Sean H. Wang

Dissertation Précis
Frida Kahlo as Feminist Geographer*
Lis Pankl