Volume 23, Issue 5 is now available

Below is the list of content for Issue 5. This issue really demonstrates the diversity of topics that are currently being explored by feminist geographers! Topics include the hetero-normative spaces of school formals, mobility, security and secularism, family ties and intersectionality. Let us know your thoughts by adding your comments.

  1. Lee Smith, Karen Nairn & Susan Sandretto

  2. Monica Farias

  3. Amy Dunckel Graglia

  4. Hulya Arik

  5. Thomas Wimark

  6. Pedro Jose Javier Di Pedro

  7. Oceane M. Jasor

  8. Clara Irazabal and Claudia Huerta

  9. How clothing design and cultural industries refashioned frontier masculinities: historical geography of Western wear 

Chris Gibson

Here are the links to the issues in Volume 23:
Issue 1, Issue 2Issue 3, Issue 4


A tribute to Doreen Massey from Gender, Place and Culture

At Gender, Place and Culture we are deeply saddened to hear of the sudden passing of Doreen Massey on Friday 11th March. We wish to express our greatest sympathy to her family, friends and colleagues.

Doreen’s work was incredibly influential in the field of feminist geography and has inspired several generations of geographers. Perhaps her most notable contributions to the field include her books Space, Place and Gender and Spatial Divisions of Labour: Social Structures and the Geography of Production (pictured below).

dm1       dm2

Doreen will be sadly missed but her legacy within feminist geography will live on through her work, which will no doubt continue to enthuse generations of feminist geographers to come.

The Open University, where Doreen was a Professor of Geography from 2009, have confirmed the news on the OpenSpace website and there are a number of touching tributes to her, one here by feminist geographer Gillian Rose and another by the Class Think Tank.