Volume 24, Issue 4 now available, including special section ‘Embodying violence’

Volume 24, Issue 4 is out now! We have four fascinating articles with international focus exploring the gendered politics of empire, female pilgrims, women’s military experiences and ‘wandering intellectuals’. We also have a special section, edited by Jennifer L. Fluri & Amy Piedalue, entitled ‘Embodying Violence: Critical Geographies of Gender, Race, and Culture.’ The volume finishes with three book reviews.


Volume 24, Issue 3 now available

Volume 24, Issue 3 has some fantastic articles, including an exciting special section about queer methodologies. If you are interested in creativity in geographic practice, Mexican masculinities, Muslim masculinities, and Vegas, then this is the issue for you!
Sarah de Leeuw & Harriet Hawkins

Volume 24, Issue 2 now available

Volume 24, Issue 2 is now available online. This issue includes a viewpoint by Ann Bartos about food politics, two book reviews, and articles covering a range of fascinating topics that are advancing feminist geographies. Enjoy!


The body eating its food politics: reflections on relationalities and embodied ways of knowing

Ann E. Bartos


Volume 24, Issue 1 is now available

We are excited to announce that the first issue of the year is now available online. This issue includes Dr. Sharlene Mollett’s article, which was presented at last year’s Jan Monk Distinguished Lecture, a themed section on ‘Sexual and Gender Minorities in Disaster’, three book reviews, and articles covering a diversity of subjects including “crazy cat ladies”. Enjoy!

Gender, Place and Culture Jan Monk Distinguished Annual Lecture:

Irreconcilable differences? A postcolonial intersectional reading of gender, development and HumanRights in Latin America
Sharlene Mollett

Themed Section – Sexual and Gender Minorities and Disasters:

Sexual and gender minorities in disaster
J. C. Gaillard, Andrew Gorman-Murray & Maureen Fordham

We’ve seen the future, and it’s very diverse: beyond gender and disaster in West Hollywood, California
Ben Wisner, Greg Berger & JC Gaillard

Problems and possibilities on the margins: LGBT experiences in the 2011 Queensland floods
Andrew Gorman-Murray, Sally Morris, Jessica Keppel, Scott McKinnon & Dale Dominey-Howes

Remembering an epidemic during a disaster: memories of HIV/AIDS, gay male identities and the experience of recent disasters in Australia and New Zealand
Scott McKinnon, Andrew Gorman-Murray & Dale Dominey-Howes

Segregation, exclusion and LGBT people in disaster impacted areas: experiences from the Higashinihon DaiShinsai (Great East-Japan Disaster)
Azusa Yamashita, Christopher Gomez & Kelly Dombroski


Work–life balance of professional women in rural Spain
Mireia Baylina, Maria Dolors Garcia-Ramon, Ana María Porto, Maria Rodó-de-Zárate, Isabel Salamaña & Montserrat Villarino

Discreet to excrete in the concrete jungle: women bike messengers and their inventive urban strategies in three US cities
Jane M. Ferguson

Food practices, gendered intimacy and family life in contemporary Guangzhou
Chen Liu

Women on the move: theorising the geographies of domestic violence journeys in England
Janet C. Bowstead

Queer ecologies of home: heteronormativity, speciesism, and the strange intimacies of crazy cat ladies
Will McKeithen

The pariah femininity hierarchy: comparing white women’s body hair and fat stigmas in the United States
Helana Darwin

Book Reviews:

Contesting intersex: the dubious diagnosis
Cecile Ann Lawrence

New desires, new selves: sex, love, and piety among Turkish youth
Madhu Narayanan

The spirit of revolution: beyond the dead ends of man
Olivia R. Williams

Volume 23, Issue 12 is now available

What better way to end 2016 then to read the latest issue of Gender, Place and Culture? There are interesting articles and book reviews spanning the globe, including Asia, Europe, and South America to name a few. This issue also marks the first twelfth issue as we moved from publishing 10 issues per year to 12 — a sign of growth in feminist geography!


The Janice Monk Lecture in Feminist Geography: the first 10 years
Sallie A. Marston & Sapana Doshi

When bodies do not fit: an analysis of postgraduate fieldwork
Johanna Carolina Jokinen & Martina Angela Caretta

A love story: for ‘Buddy System’ research in the academy
Patricia J. Lopez & Kathryn Gillespie 

With the mine in the veins: emotional adjustments in female partners of Chilean mining workers
Jimena Silva-Segovia & Paulina Salinas-Meruane

Places of difference: narratives of heart-felt warmth, ethnicisation, and female care-migrants in Swiss live-in care
Katharina Pelzelmayer

#Follow: exploring the role of social media in the online construction of male sex worker lives in Dublin, Ireland
Paul Ryan

Pray the gay away: identity conflict between Christianity and sexuality in Hong Kong sexual minorities
Petula Sik Ying Ho & Yiqian Hu

The unavoidable salience of gender: notes from Australian childcare work
Yarrow Andrew

Domesticfication of urban space? Mothering and fathering while on family leave in the inner city of Helsinki
Johanna Lilius

Imagining the ideal city, planning the gender-equal city in Umeå, Sweden
Linda Sandberg & Malin Rönnblom

Chinese migrant women as boundary markers in Singapore: unrespectable, un-middle-class and un-Chinese
Sylvia Ang

A geopolitics of migrant women, mobility and abortion access in the Republic of Ireland
Katherine Side

Book Review Forum:

Muddying the waters: coauthoring feminisms across scholarship and activism
Elora Halim Chowdhury, Laura Pulido, Nik Heynen, Lainie Rini, Joel Wainwright, Naeem Inayatullah & Richa Nagar

Book Reviews:

Discounted life: the price of global surrogacy in India
Rituparna Bhattacharyya

Covered in ink: tattoos, women, and the politics of the body
Shea Ellen Gilliam

Traveling heavy. A memoir in between journeys
Pamela Moss

Volume 23, Issue 11 is now available

There are some excellent research articles in Issue 11 covering a wide range of themes that advance feminist geography. This includes vulnerability in LGBT communities; the intersections of race and masculinity in the lives of rural transgender men; the spatial politics and activisms of gay seniors sex work; men providing care; queer regionality and much, much more.

Links to the full list of content for Issue 11 are posted below:

Chen Misgay, Gay-riatrics: spatial politics and activism of gay seniors in Tel-Aviv’s gay community centrePages: 1519-1534

Miriam J. Abelson, ‘You aren’t from around here’: race, masculinity, and rural transgender men, Pages: 1535-1546

Laura Rodriguez Castro, Barbara Pini & Sarah Baker, The global countryside: peasant women negotiating, recalibrating and resisting rural change in Colombia, Pages: 1547-1559

Donna J. Drucker, Bringing gender and spatial theory to life at a German technical university, Pages: 1560-1571

Treena Orchard, Jennifer Vale, Susan Macphail, Cass Wender & Tor Oiamo, ‘You just have to be smart’: spatial practices and subjectivity among women in sex work in London, Ontario, Pages: 1572-1585

Melissa Giesbrecht, Allison Williams, Wendy Duggleby, Jenny Ploeg & Maureen Markle-Reid, Exploring the daily geographies of diverse men caregiving for family members with multiple chronic conditions, Pages: 1586-1598 – Open Access

Nireka Weeratunge, Olivier Joffre, Sonali Senaratna Sellamuttu, Bounthanom Bouahom & Anousith Keophoxay, Gender and household decision-making in a Lao Village: implications for livelihoods in hydropower development, Pages: 1599-1614

Cüneyt Çakırlar, Introduction to Queer/ing Regions, Pages: 1615-1618

Camilla Bassi, What’s radical about reality TV? An unexpected tale from Shanghai of a Chinese lesbian antihero, Pages: 1619-1630

Jon Binnie, Critical queer regionality and LGBTQ politics in Europe, Pages: 1631-1642

Howard Chiang & Alvin K. Wong, Queering the transnational turn: regionalism and queer Asias, Pages: 1643-1656

Volume 23, Issue 10 is now available

The list of content for Issue 10:

  1. Katharine McKinnon , Michelle Carnegie , Katherine Gibson , Claire Rowland

  2. Mercan Efe Güney , İrem Ayhan Selçuk

  3. Carly E. Nichols

  4. Amber Martin

  5. Edward Bikketi , Chinwe Ifejika Speranza , Sabin Bieri , Tobias Haller , Urs Wiesmann

  6. Margaret Alston , Badi Akhter

  7. Maaret Jokela-Pansini

  8. Theresa Tufuor , Chizu Sato , Anke Niehof

  9. María Amor Barros-del Río

  10. Emma Berman , Jody Emel

  11. Antònia Casellas

  12. Clare Mariskind

  13. Leticia Sabsay

  14. Víctor Ávila-Torres

  15. Jen Jack Gieseking

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Volume 23, Issue 9 is now available

The list of content for Issue 9:

  1. Christine E. Smith

  2. Cirila P. Limpangog

  3. Tovi Fenster , Efrat Eizenberg

  4. Kanchana N. Ruwanpura , Alex Hughes

  5. Jennifer A. Thompson

  6. Nancy Worth

  7. Andrew Childs

  8. Barbara Boswell

  9. Patricia Ann Kennett , Kam-Wah Chan , Lucille Lok-Sun Ngan

  10. Ruth Evans

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Volume 23, Issue 6 is now available

The list of content for Issue 6:

  1. Caterina Rohde-Abuba

  2. P.J. Lopez

  3. Ning An , Chen Liu , Hong Zhu

  4. Anastasia Christou

  5. Lucy Jackson

  6. Karina Märcher Dalgas

  7. Marsha Henry , Katherine Natanel

  8. Alexandra Hyde

  9. Ronni Alexander

  10. Victoria M. Basham

  11. Katherine Natanel

  12. Harriet Gray

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Volume 23, Issue 5 is now available

Below is the list of content for Issue 5. This issue really demonstrates the diversity of topics that are currently being explored by feminist geographers! Topics include the hetero-normative spaces of school formals, mobility, security and secularism, family ties and intersectionality. Let us know your thoughts by adding your comments.

  1. Lee Smith, Karen Nairn & Susan Sandretto

  2. Monica Farias

  3. Amy Dunckel Graglia

  4. Hulya Arik

  5. Thomas Wimark

  6. Pedro Jose Javier Di Pedro

  7. Oceane M. Jasor

  8. Clara Irazabal and Claudia Huerta

  9. How clothing design and cultural industries refashioned frontier masculinities: historical geography of Western wear 

Chris Gibson

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