Our ‘Feminists on the Frontlines’ podcasts are now online

Our ‘Feminists on the Frontlines’ podcasts, including transcripts, are now available online at the Gender, Place and Culture Homepage.

‘Feminists on the Frontlines’ comprise two panels of leading feminist researchers that provide a behind-the-scenes glimpse at part of the history and present-day experiences of feminist organizing in the discipline of geography.

Part One, “Lessons from the Past,” is a collection of reflections on personal experiences by scholars who helped establish feminist geography within the discipline. The panel of discussants includes Cindi Katz, Audrey Kobayashi, Linda Peake, Pamela Moss, Valerie Preston, and Sue Ruddick.

Part Two, “Forging the Future,” begins where the first ends, and includes reflections on more recent years and contemporary issues. This features Leslie Kern, Ranu Basu, Jennifer Fluri, Beverley Mullings, Tiffany Muller-Myrdahl, Rupal Oza, and Alison Mountz.



Seeking a New Book Review Editor

Gender, Place and Culture: A Journal of Feminist Geography, published by Taylor & Francis, is a well-established geography journal with an international circulation. The current Managing Editor is Peter Hopkins and Editors are Avril Maddrell, Pamela Moss and Kanchana Ruwanpura. The journal has two Book Review Editors, currently Andrew Gorman-Murray and Nathaniel Lewis. The journal is looking to replace Andrew Gorman-Murray whose term is coming to an end.

This new book review editor will join the journal for a three year term. As Gender, Place and Culture publishes twelve issues per annum, both book review editors will be responsible for providing book reviews for six issues each. The new book review editor will start in January 2017 but will be asked to start shadowing the current book review editors as soon as possible after appointment.

Candidates should:
–    have a broad knowledge of the field of feminist geography and of women’s and gender studies;
–    actively encourage submissions from scholars from all world regions;
–    encourage the review of a wide range of texts;
–    be able to seek texts from publishers;
–    have access to email;
–    have excellent editing skills.

Our preference is for people who already have editorial experience as they will be required to commence the preparation of book reviews fairly soon after joining the journal. Applications should consist of a letter detailing the candidate’s editorial experience, including their vision and ambitions for the journal, plus a CV. Nominations of suitable persons are also being solicited.

The closing date for Applications is 10 October 2016.

Further information about the activities and responsibilities of the book review editor can be obtained from Peter Hopkins. Nominations and applications should be e-mailed to Peter Hopkins at peter.hopkins@ncl.ac.uk.

Details about the journal can be found at http://www.tandfonline.com/toc/cgpc20/current.

Submission Guidelines Update

Main articles word limit returns to 9000 words (all inclusive).

The Editors and publishers have been working to balance the length of published articles with the timeliness of publication and Gender, Place and Culture is now in a position to increase the word limit to 9000 words.

Main articles should be consistent with the aims of Gender, Place and Culture as expressed on the aims and scopes page, and be approximately 3000-9000 words in length inclusive of all text (i.e. abstract/tables/references/figure captions/footnotes/endnotes). 9000 is a word limit rather than a requirement; we also welcome shorter papers. Viewpoint articles (maximum 3000 words) or editorials (maximum 2000 words) should not contain original research, but be critically engaging. Themed section articles have a word limit of 7000 words.

For a full set of guidelines, please read the Instructions for Authors page.

Volume 23, Issue 10 is now available

The list of content for Issue 10:

  1. Katharine McKinnon , Michelle Carnegie , Katherine Gibson , Claire Rowland

  2. Mercan Efe Güney , İrem Ayhan Selçuk

  3. Carly E. Nichols

  4. Amber Martin

  5. Edward Bikketi , Chinwe Ifejika Speranza , Sabin Bieri , Tobias Haller , Urs Wiesmann

  6. Margaret Alston , Badi Akhter

  7. Maaret Jokela-Pansini

  8. Theresa Tufuor , Chizu Sato , Anke Niehof

  9. María Amor Barros-del Río

  10. Emma Berman , Jody Emel

  11. Antònia Casellas

  12. Clare Mariskind

  13. Leticia Sabsay

  14. Víctor Ávila-Torres

  15. Jen Jack Gieseking

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