Volume 25, Issue 10, October 2018 is now available online

Invited Articles
Reflections on mentoring as decolonial, transnational, feminist praxis
Beverley Mullings & Sanjukta Mukherjee

Masculine love and sensuous reason: the affective and spatial politics of Egyptian Ultras football fans
Frances S. Hasso

Spatial crossings: gender, race and politics in Yucatecan Maya municipalities
Laura Loyola-Hernández

Operation ‘Long Distance Parenting’: the moral struggles of being a Danish soldier and father | Open Access
Maj Hedegaard Heiselberg

‘The right to aspire to achieve’: performing gendered and class privilege at elite private schools in Auckland, New Zealand
Hayley Sparks

The micro-politics of emotions in legal space: an autoethnography about sexual violence and displacement in Norway
Anne Bitsch

Opening up a space for women: matinees in Izmir Culture Park
Meltem Eranıl Demirli & Meltem Ö. Gürel

Book Review
25th Anniversary Retrospective: Gender, Work, and Space Susan Hanson and Geraldine Pratt, 1995
Jesús I’x Nazario

Calls for Papers
Call for dissertation précis
Pamela Moss


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