Seeking a New Book Review Editor

Gender, Place and Culture: A Journal of Feminist Geography, published by Taylor & Francis, is a well-established geography journal with an international circulation. The current Managing Editor is Peter Hopkins and Editors are Avril Maddrell, Pamela Moss and Kanchana Ruwanpura. The journal has two Book Review Editors, currently Andrew Gorman-Murray and Nathaniel Lewis. The journal is looking to replace Andrew Gorman-Murray whose term is coming to an end.

This new book review editor will join the journal for a three year term. As Gender, Place and Culture publishes twelve issues per annum, both book review editors will be responsible for providing book reviews for six issues each. The new book review editor will start in January 2017 but will be asked to start shadowing the current book review editors as soon as possible after appointment.

Candidates should:
–    have a broad knowledge of the field of feminist geography and of women’s and gender studies;
–    actively encourage submissions from scholars from all world regions;
–    encourage the review of a wide range of texts;
–    be able to seek texts from publishers;
–    have access to email;
–    have excellent editing skills.

Our preference is for people who already have editorial experience as they will be required to commence the preparation of book reviews fairly soon after joining the journal. Applications should consist of a letter detailing the candidate’s editorial experience, including their vision and ambitions for the journal, plus a CV. Nominations of suitable persons are also being solicited.

The closing date for Applications is 10 October 2016.

Further information about the activities and responsibilities of the book review editor can be obtained from Peter Hopkins. Nominations and applications should be e-mailed to Peter Hopkins at

Details about the journal can be found at


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